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Join us for a day of Azure!

We are getting ready to have a full day of speakers, labs and break out sessions to get everyone enthusiastic about the platform.


Speakers and session descriptions:

Use Cases for StorSimple
Speaker: Gavin Wall

"Gavin will provide an overview of the Microsoft Azure StorSimple Hybrid Cloud Storage Array with a focus on real world use cases and lessons learnt."

Event Hub and the Internet of Things
Speaker: Martin Abbott

"With the expected explosion of connected devices over the next decade, having an event solution capable of ingestion at scale becomes a critical enabler to delivering real value.

This presentation will cover Event Hub, the Microsoft Azure solution to this problem, and look at both event ingestion and consumption of events and the use of Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics to show how simple it is to deliver understanding when dealing with large numbers of events."

Speaker: Rivaaj Jumna

"Docker has attracted a growing amount of interest since its open source release two years ago. This talk will provide an introduction to Docker concepts with a discussion on how Docker on Azure can be used as a hybrid development lab."

Microservice Design Patterns for Line of Business Applications

Speakers: Colin Scott

"So you broke up your big, unmaintainable monolithic system into microservices. Good for you. Each piece is now easy to understand and maintain. Except things didn’t get simpler. You’ve got lots of dependencies between your services to implement your business processes. You’re having to modify many services to change your processes and the complexity is exploding. This isn’t any better, if you can’t improve things you’re going back to the old way of doing things.

This talk discusses how you can use just three simple architectural patterns to design and implement microservice systems that can isolate the complexity of changes and support managing the evolution of business logic and processes over time. You will also learn how these design patterns can help deal with the distributed, non-transactional nature of microservice systems. As a bonus it includes other buzzwords like event sourcing and CQRS at no extra charge."

BUILD 2015 Azure Updates Recap
Speaker: June Tabadero

"With BUILD 2015 happening this week, a lot of things has been announced on the Azure front. Join me as we go thru a quick recap of new and updated services in Microsoft Azure."

Azure Site Recovery
Speaker: Nirmal Thewarathanthri

"It is never a question of if an outage or disaster will strike your datacentre, but instead when will it occur and will you be prepared. In this Azure Site Recovery technical presentation, learn how your organization could utilize Microsoft Azure Site Recovery solutions to meet your disaster recovery objectives."

Azure Active Directory
Speaker: Sameera Perera

"Azure Active Directory (AAD) is Microsoft's cloud-based identity and access management solution. With IT moving to the cloud nowadays it is important that we leverage the extensive features in AAD. Join us to this session where we will be discussing the features and best practises of AAD such as, AAD Synchronisation for hybrid identity management, Single Sign on, group management and self-service capabilities etc..."

Azure Resource Manager and Azure Key Vault
Speakers: Rob Moore/Matt Davies

"Azure Resource Manager is the recent addition to Azure that underpins the way Azure manages and provisions “resources” – things like your websites, sql databases, virtual machines, etc. The new Azure portal uses the new resource manager. It significantly simplifies how resources are created and specified and adds a lot of consistency to the Azure ecosystem – for instance there are 33 Azure Resource Manager PowerShell commandlets versus 108 commandlets for the previous incarnation. This session will explore what Azure Resource Manager is, why it’s important, how to learn about it and use it and take participants through some exercises to allow them to experiment with the Azure Resource Manager and provision resources using it. We will also explore a relatively new, and little-known service called Azure Key Vault, that is only able to be provisioned using Azure Resource Manager, and what kind of scenarios it allows you to invoke."

You will need a laptop, an Azure subscription, Visual Studio 2013, the Azure SDK (all FREE!) and lots of enthusiasm.

Feel free to work on your own projects, but if you want a bit of a kick start be sure to download the Azure Readiness DevCamp Hands On Labs.

So come along and get involved.

Lunch will be provided.

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