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I should say this first, this group is led by a black guy who was a homeless, alcoholic, loser who finally got his shit together. This group is different because I challenge you to do better. Excuses and pretentiousness will not be entertained at all. I promise I will give you my all and all I ask in return is your commitment to ask questions, try diligently and stay driven. I have mentored many people who were going through horrible breakups, alcohol addiction, anxiety approach, codependency, adult immaturity, underachieving and procrastination. I also lead the BRAVE monthly mentoring sessions.


Kelly Skeete is the head life coach of Phenomenal Life Toronto. He leads weekly events on subjects that focus on personal growth, financial stability, entrepreneurship, self-care and life discovery. Kelly is also a Business and Society Major, Philosophy and Culture educator and Inspirational Speaker. He is highly involved in many organizations including the West End Food Co-op and the Parkdale Neighbourhood Land Trust where he held the position of Vice-Chair. At York University he was the Vice President of the Business and Society Club and a member of the Debate Club. He is also an accomplished martial artist and personal trainer. Kelly has committed himself to motivating today’s generation and has even written a book called 9 Life Lessons I Wish Someone Told Me Sooner. He has spoken to hundreds of students at elementary schools and universities and has helped many individuals regain their confidence and self-esteem.

I host a number of talks on a variety of personal development topics such as:

• Codependency

• Leadership

• Public Speaking

• Goal Setting, Accountablity and Overcoming Obstacles

• Relationships and Creating Authentic Connections

• Emotional Management

• Inner Conflict Resolution

• Identifying your Life's Mission and Passion

• Mental Toughness

• Exploding through Creativity Boundaries,

I look forward to welcoming you to the group. Any questions? Call me.

Your friend,

Kelly Skeete

Phenomenal Life Coach and Ethics Philosopher


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