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What we’re about

Hey All …

For these gatherings there is now a max of 9.
If you would like to attend, please send me an email and a list of Tuesday & Thursday evenings dates, you could be available. Over time I will fit you in to the schedule.

Time of arrival is always open to when you can get here, but officially it is 7:30 - 9:30PM

There is enough space in my driveway for 2 other vehicles. Use it.
Carpool with others if and when possible.

Community music making is truly a vehicle for change! When we play together, COMMUNICATION is conveyed by LISTENING to each other; we are in RELATIONSHIP, CONNECTING WITH OTHERS AND OURSELVES!!!
Together we will use spontaneous voices and inspirational songs that arise in the moment to create a convergence of rhythmic and vocal vibrations. Drumming together breaks down boundary's. The experience is FUN, UPLIFTING, LIBERATING & ENERGIZING. Joyfully, we connect and engage our spirit with the Greater Spirit. We travel to the Caribbean, Africa, Latin-America, the Mid East and more, without leaving the house!
You do not have to be a "musician" or "drummer" to attend. No prior musical experience is necessary. Ages from 7 to 70+ have participated. All instruments welcome! A large array of hand drums and other percussion instruments will be available to play, or bring your own.
I am a certified facilitator for, a workshop designed for learning the art of music improvisation. Location: E. Southampton Ave. Wyndmoor, Pa. 19038 Donation Sliding Scale: $20 - $15.00 - 215 233 0777