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What we’re about

What is the science and art of human rationality? We are a group of deep thinkers which grew out of websites like Astral Codex Ten and Lesswrong. We talk about thinking and how to overcome biases. We talk about human coordination, science, futurism, and how to solve the problems of the world - a task that usually forces us to read widely and be curious about everything we can be curious about. We meet in the city and talk all things math, statistics, medicine, science, economics, technology, engineering, thinking, communicating, personal growth, reasoning and beliefs. If you are an aspiring rationalist, a nerd, geek, scientist or just a quiet thinker - we can't wait to meet you to hear what you are thinking about. We love to share ideas, discuss, debate, learn and grow together. Bring A book, bring a paper, bring a friend along too! Do attend!