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What we’re about

Founded in 2018, Philadelphia Stoa is a philosophical community focused on applying Stoic philosophy to modern challenges. As a registered non-profit organization, our vision centers on inspiring individuals to apply virtue in their daily lives as a path to personal flourishing.

The purpose of our Meetup group is to introduce Stoic philosophy to anyone interested in living a happier and more fulfilling life and to help students of Stoicism practice the philosophy in their daily lives.

Stoicism is a practical philosophy for guiding people in living a good life through cultivating personal excellence, or virtue. Having flourished in ancient Greece and Rome, Stoicism is experiencing a resurgence of popularity today as a result of its value in helping people realize more tranquility and joy amid the complexity of the modern world. Stoicism involves focusing on what we can control in life and not worrying about things we cannot control, enhancing healthy emotions through reasoned judgement, and treating all of humanity with compassion and respect.

Our meetings support people in increasing their knowledge of Stoicism and applying it in their daily lives. Meetings include discussions of Stoic writings, modern interpretations of Stoic concepts, and the Stoic perspectives on problems people may have. We hold meetings three times a month, usually on the second and fourth Sunday and the third Monday of each month. The topic agenda is different for each monthly meeting.

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