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The Power of Peer to Peer Support
By Dr. Victoria Boyd - Organizer

I don’t think it is a secret that those in leadership roles within the nonprofit industry, which I include the board and all administrative positions, have more challenges than the norm. These challenges clearly have an immense impact on employee retention that’s reflected in the high turnover rate and how numerous national organizations have posted anecdotal causes, warnings and the need to focus on and address the issue.
Many of the causes emerge from the unique nature of a nonprofit’s infrastructure and since we can’t change how they are structured let’s look at strategies to deal with the challenges. One great method is peer groups.
“Peer groups, sometimes called “master mind” groups, can provide the confidential spaces needed where they can present and process ideas, think creatively, seek solutions, deepen their knowledge base, and build relationships with colleagues.”

I’ve always felt the inclusion of group work as a teaching tool brought great value to the learning experience. They always say two minds are better than one. However, for this set of challenges is learning the real or only goal we want to achieve? Moving away from the master mind concept sometimes individuals just need to know that what they are experiencing is normal, they are not alone, and they have friends that support them. No one person can or needs to manage the demands alone. At any level individuals need support in order to do their best work; they need development opportunities to sharpen their skills; and we as an industry should always be nurturing and developing new leaders.

With all of this need we are excited to invite our colleagues to join The Philantrepreneur Foundation’s PEER CIRCLE
What is the PEER CIRCLE and what do we want to accomplish?
Designed to be a regular gathering of like-minded service providers, we are following our goal to create a resource to facilitate support for individuals drawn to community service and collectively we will:
• Build personal and organizational relationships.
• Provide facilitated conversations that advance goals and strategies.
• Gather group knowledge, wisdom, and learning from each other’s’ experiences.
• Facilitate action – ideas are put into action and tailored to address the diverse circumstances of the participants.
• Create a platform to collaborate in a larger mission.
Individually we will gain:
• Validation: knowing we are not alone.
• Connection: strong bonds between peers to inspire, motivate, and support their goals.

Who: Of course we encourage those that directly work in the sector to participate in the Peer Circle and a large volunteer component such as Board members are all volunteers, or perhaps the organizations that are 100% volunteer, these volunteer populations come from all walks of life and experiences, have a key leadership responsibility to the organization, and often aren’t aware of the day to day challenges.
for those working in a nonprofit, plus Board members which includes individuals from all walks of life and experiences. Large and small, new and established organizations are invited to provide multiple perspectives.

When: TPF Peer Circle will conduct monthly gatherings the 1st Monday of every month
Why Monday – here’s a great piece by Leland Holgate, Sr. Founder of Warriors for Life America.

Do you hate Monday’s? Chances are, like most of us, you’re thinking of the obligations of the day and furthermore the week or month ahead. What if we redefine how we look at Monday’s? Instead of thinking about the obligations, think of what you could accomplish if you focused on the possibilities that a new day, new week, new month can bring. Monday could simply be a fresh start. A day that washes the slate clean and affords new ideas & perspective.

May we present, “Mindset Monday’s”. What could you do with a group of like-minded individuals, focused on new ideas & strategies? We feel that Monday is the best day on the calendar. It’s a day where we have a chance to recreate ourselves, and our business ideas. A day filled with possibility & renewed purpose. Monday is the day we say, “Today I take the wheel and decide the direction we’re headed!”

How: Get connected by following The Philantrepreneur Foundations’ Facebook page or join our group here.

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