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The Power of Peer to Peer Support
By Dr. Victoria Boyd - Organizer

It's no secret that within the nonprofit industry, there are more challenges than the norm. In addition to trying to solve a community problem, internal challenges impact employees and all stakeholders. High turnover rates are just one indication and numerous national organizations have posted anecdotal causes, warnings and the need to focus on and address employee-related issues.

Many of the issues emerge from the unique nature of a nonprofit’s infrastructure and since we can’t change how they are structured let’s look at strategies to deal with the challenges. One great method is peer groups.
Peer groups can provide a safe environment and confidential space where they can present and process challenges, think creatively, seek solutions, deepen their knowledge base, and build relationships with colleagues.

I’ve always felt including group work as a teaching tool brought great value to the learning experience. However, how does that work in an industry-wide environment? How can we meet the goals of the organization and help individuals face their daily set of challenges? Is learning the real or only goal we want to achieve? Sometimes individuals just need to know that they are not in a silo, what they are experiencing is normal, and they have friends and colleagues that support them. No one person can or needs to manage the demands alone. At any level individuals need support in order to do their best work; they need development opportunities to sharpen their skills, and we as an industry should always be nurturing and developing new leaders. They always say, two minds are better than one.

We invite our colleagues to join The Philantrepreneur Foundation’s PEER CIRCLE

A gathering of like-minded service providers, to create and facilitate support for individuals drawn to community service and collectively we will:
--Build personal and organizational relationships.
--Provide facilitated conversations that advance goals and strategies.
--Pool group knowledge, wisdom, and learning from each other’s’ experiences.
--Facilitate action – ideas tailored to address the diverse circumstances of the participants.

--Create a platform to collaborate in a larger mission.

Individually we will gain:
• Validation: knowing we are not alone.
• Connection: strong bonds between peers to inspire, motivate, and support their goals.

Who: for those working in or are stakeholders of a nonprofit,

How: Get connected: https://www.facebook.com/philantrepreneurfoundation/

Register for meetings at: https://www.philantrepreneurfoundation.org/events/ (https://www.philantrepreneurfoundation.org/events/)

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