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Reading and discussing various texts on the philosophy of religion

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Avicenna and the Aristoliean Left -- Ernst Bloch

TBD - Chicago

Link to Text https://www.scribd.com/document/408723122/Ernst-Bloch-Avicenna-and-the-Aristotelian-Left-2019-Columbia-University-Press-pdf Will be discussing the recently translated work by Ernst Bloch of the Frankfurt School. Against the background of today's Islamophobia, Bloch's study is an extraordinary achievement. It demonstrates how one of the hidden origins of European modernity is Avicenna's interpretation of Aristotle. Islamic thought at the roots of our notions of freedom and emancipation? If you are shocked, read Bloch's book! It is only now, almost a century after its first publication, that the time for this book has arrived. (Slavoj Žižek, author of Less Than Nothingand Absolute Recoil)

Margret Barker - Introduction to Temple Theology

TBD - Chicago

Read and discuss a short work on Temple Theology by Margret Barker

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City of God - Augustine

Naperville Public Library 95th Street

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