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What we’re about

Phirse is only for Divorced, Separated after marriage and Widowed
To join this group you must be:
1. Divorced/Separated/Widowed?
2. Willing to connect with others with similar life experiences to socialize and make friends.
3. NOT a dating group.
You can join from anywhere in USA, Canada, Australia or EU.
FYI, 90% of the members are of South Asian origin.
Let's get together for a better life post-divorce, separation, or loss of a spouse. We know how hard life can be during and after such life-changing experience for us and our kids. We know it’s not easy to feel this pain and grief for those who didn't travel this path and not even our close family/friends. We will organize events that will help us support each other. If you have kids, we know how important it must be for you to support them. If you do not have kids, you are probably lonely and can find friends here. It's a new beginning to a beautiful life.
We host dinners, movies, hiking, clubbing, dancing, singing, picnics, kids, and cultural events. If you would like to see any events of your interest, please share your ideas with the organizers. You are also welcome to host any events you like. We encourage and appreciate the initiative to keep the group engaged and energized.
Make life better for all members by supporting each other with care and respect.
Why Guideline:
We pride ourselves in the diversity of our amazing membership. Currently, our group has members from multiple countries of origins, races, ethnicity and colour. We want to continue to be known for our inclusiveness. To maintain a supportive environment for all members, we abide by certain guidelines, both in our face to face (in-person and virtual) interactions and in our online messages.
PhirSe Meetup Guidelines:
1. Respect and care for each other
2. This is a support group, NOT a dating group.
3. Maintain a fun environment.
4. If you want to host an event, please let an admin know and we can make you an event organizer in Meetup. So that members have an opportunity to attend multiple events, please avoid any scheduling conflicts between events 🙏
5. Note that during this time of ‘Shelter in Place’, we may schedule simultaneous virtual events in order to accommodate the timing preferences for as many members as possible.
6. As we have only one group zoom account, if there are two events scheduled at the same time, please feel free to use your personal virtual account.
PhirSe Chat Guidelines:
1. Please avoid religious and political discussions and posts (even if they are just jokes) in the group messages. As mentioned, we have members from very diverse backgrounds and we do not want to inadvertently offend anyone on these topics.
2. Please avoid sending private messages to any member before meeting them in events. If a member requests that you stop personal messaging, please respect their wishes.
3. If you feel strongly about any post, please send a personal message to the group admin or directly to the person who sent the post, instead of responding to the group, where all members can view an exchange of conflict. Admins will try to manage resolutions offline and we ask that you do the same.
4. Please do not post anything with explicit content (profanity, sex, violence) in any of the groups.
1. We do not accept ex-es in the group. Whoever joins first says in the group.
2. Information provided on this meet-up is not intended to be advice of any kind including; legal, medical, or other specialty services, and should not be used in place of consultation with appropriate professionals. The organizers, members, and venues are not responsible in any way shape or form for anything that happens to you while at any event. We specifically disclaim all responsibility for any liability, loss, risk, injury, or even death which may incur as a direct or indirect result of the use of any of the material or services provided on the meet up. By joining our meetup, you agree to release the Organizers, Sponsors, Volunteers, and Members from ANY responsibility, liability or claim in law or in equity. If you DON'T agree to these terms, please DO NOT join our meetup.
3. Meetup members and organizers need to be at least 18 years old. While family groups are more than welcome on Meetup, anyone under the age of 18 attending an event must be accompanied by an adult. You can learn more about our age policies in our community guidelines.