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Note: this group has been changed to support the really excellent meetup-like group Philly Health IT Circle (PHITC) (http://www.phitcircle.org/)


PHITC brings together a diverse group of stakeholders, including entrepreneurs, investors, health care providers, payers, patient-advocacy concerns, and academics who span the spectrum of developers and consumers of health IT products and services.

What PHITC does

PHITC’s immediate mission is to create a nurturing environment for health IT in the region. Ultimatley, the founders envision spawning a host of new connections that will lead to innovation and a robust start-up community tied to the existing health care delivery, financial, and industrial infrastructure.

Are you an industrial or academic professional, a patient, payor, investor, clinician or health care provider, or working in the health system? Are you an innovator, an executive of a startup, a thought leader, or policy expert?

By joining us, you will be invited to four conferences a year in the Philadelphia area, in which educational programs and important networking may be beneficial to the strengthening of the Philadelphia health system structure.

For more info please see: http://www.phitcircle.org/

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Aging in Place

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Philly Health IT Circle Meeting

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