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Northville Placid Trail Spring 2023 thru hike

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Joe H.


Seeing if I can get a trip planned as best as possible. I need another four people and one or two vehicles. A Spring window to bag the 120 something mile Northville Placid trail is small. I hope for a secret season of not much mud, minimal snowfields, low flood waters and no black fly hatch. See? A bunch of things to plan for and around. The trip start date or end is not set in stone. We have to get close to April to figure it out according to conditions on the trail. I'll post more details at a later date. Sign up if interested and we will develope a plan. Peace, Two Tents and ben. He retired in 2020. The Northville Placid trail is a lowland trail. No bear cannister requirement. Might be one of the most uncaring, wild, toughest hikes I have done or attempted. 4 attempts. 1 success. Lets go.

Phoenix Backpack Club
Phoenix Backpack Club
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