What we're about

Black Brilliant and Successful in Phoenix, was created for those that want to commune with like-minded, positive, movers and shakers in the black community.

- For those that find out about events, after they've come and gone.
- For those that want to support our community by showing up.
- For those that want to take their activism off social media and be present and have your voice heard.
- For those that enjoy the company of others that look like them.
- For those that want to be in the know
- those that want to meet new people
- For those that are new to the valley, or have been here a while

But mostly, for those that are either Black, Brilliant or Successful and live in Phoenix and want to be surrounded by others of the same caliber.

Not all events posted will be hosted by us. This group will be used to share information that is happening VALLEY WIDE, so you can stay informed as to what other Black, Brilliant and Successful people are doing. You may see us partner with other groups because that's how we should be supporting each other and getting the word out about what's happening locally.

If you want to host a meetup, let us know.

If you know of an event other members may be interested in, let us know.

If you want to go to an event, but do not want to go alone, let us know.

This group is LIKE NO OTHER GROUP ON MEETUP, because it belongs to the people. To the Black, Brilliant and Successful people, that live in Phoenix!

If you've been looking for a group of professional people, making moves, supporting business, having fun, intellectual conversations, talking business, having lunch, politically conscious, community-oriented, and empowering ...You've found us!

This group is for both men and women that want to see Phoenix, as the 5th largest city in the country, stand up and act like it. We have to come together, work together, and be together. No more of this west side vs. east side, or north vs. south, just people that want to get along and work together to make our community great.

We're open to event suggestions, I'm dying to get some black ladies on the golf course :)

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Philo Affiliates Of Beta Mu Sigma Informational

Needs a location

BOB Introduction: LIVE with Thymbol!

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Harkins Theatres Arizona Mills 25 w/IMAX

Queens, Dreams & Jeans

15555 E Bainbridge Ave

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