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Many of us have been to Scott Detweiler's blog, Light Shoot, Edit, ( and seen some of the neat stuff he does. The concept of Scott's blog is to take an image from conception to completion, and explain what he did along the way.

This meetup will be a LIVE (and more in-depth) version of that concept. We will set up lights, shoot the image, then bring the image into Photoshop to complete the final product.

What is our subject going to be? I dunno! Maybe a portrait, maybe a macro shot of something, maybe an architecture shot of the building. That is up to you to help us decide once the meetup starts. The main focus (har) of the evening will be the PROCESS of making an image, from conception, to completion. Lighting techniques will be discussed, as well as Photoshop Tips and Tricks you can use to make your own photography better.

See you there!

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