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Intro to Studio Photography
Light is the language of photography, so it's kinda on the necessary side of the equation! And sometimes, rather frequently, in fact, you need to provide your own. (Drumroll, please) Every photographer should have a flash in her camera bag, and every photographer should have some studio lights available for those occasions where speed lights just won't do the trick. Allow me to introduce you to the wonderful world of studio lights and light modifiers. Modeling lights allow you to visualize the results while setting them up. Umbrellas, large and small, let you shape and soften the light. Reflectors, grids, snoots, fresnel lenses, soft and strip boxes, egg crate grids, beauty dishes, all of the magic of the studio relieves you of the whims of the weather and the dictatorship of the sun and gives you total control of your image. This is class one, a hands-on workshop that will bring you enlightenment and lay the groundwork for our follow-up in-depth explorations of the powerful potential studio photography grants you.

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