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Video, schmideo. Everyone now has a video camera in his or her pocket, and things look worse than ever! Blurry, jumpy action, the camera weaving side to side and bouncing up and down, muddled, faint sounds and inaudible dialog, and the picture getting darker and then lighter; who can stand to watch this stuff?!? Here in the golden age of photography we don’t have to take it any more. We’re going to show you how to get the most out of your video, whether you shoot with a still camera, a video camera or your phone. Here's what you'll learn:
• Orientation - why it's important
• easy ways to hold your camera steady
• Planning your shoot - beginning, middle and end
• Where, who and what, the three important questions to answer
• Different file types and why they're important
• manual exposure - when it's critical
• lenses and perspective

This is the first of several classes on video production; coming up soon, getting the best sound - secrets of the audio masters and Editing your videos in Apple's iMovie - a surprisingly capable performer.
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