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What we’re about

We aim to help create and bring artistic visions to life, through stylized and beauty photography.

This group will be hosting photography workshops for all skill level of photographers and artists, who wants to have a creative outlet. HMUA's who want to take part of our stylized photoshoots and build a portfolio for their own are welcome. Please talk to the organizer how you will participate.

Workshops are organized in Studio & Special destinations ( will be released to only members)

Our workshops will be teaching you:

Lighting skills - Strobe , Constant light and natural light scenarios - High key and low key, elements that make the image stand out.

How to pose that flatters and its more artistic: will be discussing different figures, silhouettes, shapes

Once a month we will host a workshop dedicated for members only image critiques - This constructive feedback will help you grow and learn from what works in your images and what you may need to change to up your game in the photographic field.

All images taken throughout the workshops can be used for building your portfolio that you can fall in love with and be proud of it.

Hope you join us in this wonderful journey of Creating & Sharing!