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PHP-SI meetup #6

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Denis A.


1. State in a stateless world (Luka Mužinić, (

Have you ever heard terms like automata theory, Turing machines and finite state machines? While they might sound too abstract or even out of place for web development, rest assured, they can be quite useful in your applications.

We will quickly cover some basics and then dive right into most popular PHP state machine libraries. After the talk, you will know benefits of using state machines and, most importantly, how and when to implement them.

2. PHP Need for Speed using Swoole (Peter Kokot)

In this talk, you'll learn how to start building an innovative high-performance PHP application using a Swoole PHP extension and modern PHP frameworks. Swoole is an event-driven, asynchronous and concurrent engine written in C for PHP with multiple components.
Tobačna ulica 5 · Ljubljana
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