PHP-SI Meetup #8

PHP Developers Slovenia
PHP Developers Slovenia
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Let's get together again and talk some PHP!

We are proud to announce following speakers:


Miro Svrtan: "When testing makes no sense"

If you look at the stage of any conference in the PHP world, people are preaching testing,testing,testing ... If you on the other hand look at the community, the percentage of people writing tests is really low.

As a person who went from 'How can I ask for more time/money/resources for testing?' through 'ask for forgiveness instead of permission', to person who writes tests a lot, I still believe testing doesn't make sense. No, it doesnt make sense for all and everyone, often enough it makes no sense for me too.

This talk will explore that fuzzy line when you have to shift your mind from one side to the other: in both directions.


Boštjan Bogataj: "Always try to imagine how things could be reused"

Thinking behind generic and reusable functionality from perspective of a software architect on quite large, longterm platform and trying to engage people to think outside of the box


After the talks everybody is invited to hang around - there will be drinks, kindly sponsored by Preskok d.o.o. (!