PHP-SI Meetup #9

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PHP Developers Slovenia
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Time for another PHP meetup! Last one before the summer ;)

This time talks won't be strictly PHP, but we're going to cover other connected areas of expertise that every PHP developer has already or will touch at some point.


Miha Sušnik: "How to transfrom yourself from a Junior to a Senior developer"

Being a senior developer isn’t just about having technical expertise. It’s more of a different way of working, of thinking, and communicating. While learning technical skills is easy enough, learning to think like a senior takes time and experience.

In this talk I’m going to cover how a senior developer thinks, works, and communicates using real-life examples. We’ll cover how to debug, ask questions, solve problems, and how to write code, as a senior would.


Jure Potočnik: "Shall we turn everything to NoSql? or not? "

Everything is moving towards to NoSQL databases. But is this really so necessary? Let's mention a couple of main differences and show some examples of using SQL and NoSQL. At the end we will dive into MongoDB. Some nice useful features that can simplify your work.


After the talks everybody is invited to hang around - there will be drinks, kindly sponsored by Preskok d.o.o. (!