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PHP-SI Meetup #12

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Boštjan B. and Jan M.
PHP-SI Meetup #12


Its time to meet again! So on 5.6.2019 at 18:00, we will see each other!

The meetup will be held at Agiledrop offices. Agliedrop will also sponsor the meetup.


#1 PHP 7.4 is coming this year - learn what's new directly from the release manager Peter Kokot

The next minor release of PHP 7.4 will be released by the end of the year, with the first alpha release happening next month already. It will include several new features such as the new FFI extension, preloading classes for better performance, typed class properties, short closures for writing slicker anonymous functions, and several other changes. The PHP release manager will give you a few insights into the highlights planned in the next PHP release; you will learn how to smoothly upgrade your projects and what the last PHP 7 branch release means for PHP 8.

#2 Business critical code - Miha Sušnik

Not all code is created equal. There's code that launches rockets into space at the speed of sound and then there's code that allows your users to reset their password. While both have their uses, one of them is a bit more important. The important code is what I call Business critical code. That's the code that makes money and without it you don't have a functioning business. In this talk I'll go over the steps to identify, properly develop, maintain and improve business critical code.


After the talks everybody is invited to hang around - there will be drinks and good company!
Stegne 11a · Ljubljana
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