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PHP-SI Meetup #13

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Boštjan B. and Jan M.
PHP-SI Meetup #13


Summer holidays are ending, school-days are starting and it's time for PHP meetups to begin another season.

For our #13 meetup, which will be on 5.9.2019 at 18:00, we're not going to focus strictly on PHP, but we're going to tackle some soft skills needed for any software project.

Meetup will be held at Agiledrop offices. Agiledrop will also sponsor the meetup and if anyone is interested, they are looking for new web developers :)

This time two experts will join their forces and talk to us about agile development, from theoretical and practical point of view.

#1 Voranc Kutnik, Agile Expert, coaching for past 8 years

-- Understanding the Agile mindset --

Agility is not a set of procedures; it’s a mindset that values collaboration and adaptability. It is about creating the right dynamics for teams to iterate quickly and make rapid-fire decisions. Adopting an Agile mindset and way of working enables the teams to deliver more value sooner and encourage employees to fail early and learn fast. We'll check what Agile mindset is and what can we do to adopt it.

#2 Damjan Slapar, Software Architect & CTO in multiple companies

-- Agile in real life --


After the talks everybody is invited to hang around - there will be drinks and good company!

Stegne 11a · Ljubljana