PHParlor - Choosing frameworks

Location image of event venue


Welcome to another PHParlor. This time are we going to do something special. We have invited skilled developers from Laravel, Zend and Symfony to have a debate over which framework you should use.


The schedule for the event can be divided into 3 parts. First we have the introductions. Each framework representative will have 10 minutes to present their framework.

After the introductions we start with discussing pros and cons with implementations of the X feature. X could be routing, dependency injection, decoupling/abstraction, url generation, views, testing, portability etc..

The third part of the event will present a handful of application ideas and we will discuss which framework solves that issue in the best way.


We will make sure that this will be a constructive discussion and not a pie throwing contest. The framework representatives will get the topics before the event to get to the debate more prepared.

Food and beverage

We will be serving food and beverages at the event.