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All about micro services

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Tobias N.


This is the first PHP meetup after the summer. We kick start it with two talks about micro frameworks. The first one will be on an architectural level and the second talk will dive in to many technical details.

The first talk begins at 18.15. After the talks we are going to a bar located close by the venue.

We are happy to announce that Onlinepizza is sponsoring the event with venue, food and beverages. Thank you!

How to do micro services - Thanos Fotoglidis

Thanos is CTO at and he will tell us how you architecture your application with many micro services.

Roll your own micro framework - Niklas Modess

Are micro frameworks the future? When you choose a framework your often have to make compromises and you couple your code to the framework itself. Let’s explore how we can create our own micro framework we can tailor for our application’s needs and how it fits well in a service oriented architecture.

Kungsholmstorg 5 · Stockholm
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