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Long long time ago we started the development of Drupal 8. Now it is finally here. It is packed with many new features, a new look and is built on top of modern PHP components, some from the Symfony project.

Symfony has been released in 3.0. A lot of new features has been added since the last .0 release. Is it time to upgrade?

We are thankful to have Wunderkraut (http://www.wunderkraut.se) as sponsor for this evening. They will supply for venue, food and beverages. Thank you!

Talks for the evening:

Drupal 8 as a framework by Florian Loretan, Software Architect & Co-Founder of Wunderkraut Germany

Drupal is mostly known as a CMS, and it's also been known to be commonly abused to do things completely different from what a CMS does. Drupal 8 and the introduction of Symfony components did bring quite a few changes. We now have a solid foundation, making it an ideal platform for a variety of applications. In this presentation we'll go through some examples from real projects to get a feel for the practical benefits of using Drupal 8 as a framework.

Symfony 3 in 15 min by Tobias Nyholm, Happyr.com

Symfony 3 has more than 100 new features and will remove about 10% of the code. In this lightning talk you will hear about the most important features and how Symfony is handling backwards compatibility.

We hope to see you soon!

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