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Welcome to a PHP meet with a virility of topics. This evening we will talk about devops on AWS, the use of interfaces and how to properly use websockets. The event is hosted at Studi's headquarter in the center of Stockholm. Studi creates multilingual educations for high school students. Read more about them at their website:

## The talks

### Setting up AWS infrastructure and automated CI for PHP by Yassin Makhloufi

Starting a new job as a developer, one usually finds an existing working infrastructure and a CI pipeline in place including a (hopefully) easy-to-setup development environment as well as a production and possibly some staging environments. Many developers never have to face the situation in which they have to do this terribly ops-ish work.

In this talk we will see a live demo of how to:
- set up a basic auto-scaling infrastructure with the help of AWS Elastic Beanstalk
- do automated testing, linting and code sniffing on git-push using Codeship
- automatically deploy the application package from Codeship to AWS

### The interface is dead, long live the interface! by Niklas Modess

A tale from the authoritarian Kingdom of Laravel. For long the "elders" in the community have preached the gospel of interfaces and how we can switch out implementations with a single line of code. This has been interpreted as "do it for everything". It's time to kill the interface to bring it back to life.

### Plug it into the socket by Filip Joelsson

Filip is going to show us how to use websockets as an alternative to HTTP-based interfaces. It will be a hands on demonstration showing how to connect a simple React/Redux based client to a PHP-based server, with some tips and tricks as we go.

Filip is a self employed consultant in full-stack web development.

## Schedule
17.30: Doors open
18.10: Settin up AWS infrastructure and automated CI for PHP - Yassin Makhloufi
18.25: Break
18.50: The interface is dead, long live the interface! - Niklas Modess
19.10: Plug it into the socket - Filip Joelsson
20.00: We go to a bar close by

## This meetup is a paid event
We are trying something new here. We charge 29 SEK and are doing that for two reasons:

- We want to be able to buy giveaways like stickers, books, and T-shirts
- We want to have a budget to pay for speakers from other countries

We will not pay any salary to the organizers. This meetup is organized by a non-profit association (ideell förening) and we exist for its members.

## Join us
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