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Welcome to STIM and our first ever tech meetup!

You might have heard about “Stim money”, which we pay out to Swedish artists, but did you also know that STIM works with lots of cool tech?

Machine learning, virtual machines, artificial intelligence, continuous pipelines, and of course a plethora of frontend frameworks from Ember and Angular to React and Vue.

What’s more, most of STIM’s technology is powered by PHP! 💪

(Also, we’ve got the goodest pizzas and yummiest beers.)

That’s why we’d love to invite PHP Stockholm for an evening of geekery. Come and hang out with us and talk argument ordering, release candidates, Composer errors, and everything else that makes life worth living!

## Talks

### Why and how to Jenkins with PHP (by Niklas Modess)

Can you tell how healthy your code is by looking at it? Do you continuously make sure it's doing well and make improvements for its well being? If you're not doing Continuous Integration (CI), the answer to these questions are probably no. Jenkins is the number 1 free and open source continuous integration platform and we'll take a look at how it plays nicely with our PHP applications, for happier and healthier code.

### IPv6 (by Petter Blomberg)

Most of us have a basic idea about what IPv6 is. But how do we use it in practice? We will talk about different ways to get a working IPv6 network, and why you should care. We will also set up a tiny environment in AWS that is reachable from both IPv4 and IPv6.

### Building a design a11y practice (by Stefan Twerdochlib)

In spirit rather than letter

## Schedule (preliminary)

17:30 Doors open – drinks and mingle
18:00 Welcome to STIM
18:10 Presentations (in no particular order)
- IPv6
- Accessibility
- Why and how to Jenkins with PHP
19:15 Food, drinks, and more mingle
20:00 We move on to a nearby bar

## Join us

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