PHP Meetup


Price: $3.00 /per person
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Welcome to yet another PHP Meetup at Detectify!

Lets start of the summer together with some fantastic talks, food and drinks! Detectify employs some of Stockholms best hackers, and know most there is to know about securing your web applications.

## Talks

### Detectify Crowdsource - What is it and how we work with it.

Detectify Crowdsource approaches bug bounties in an innovative way, focusing on platforms instead of specific clients. When a researcher submits a vulnerability to us, we build a module for it and add it into the Detectify service. By reporting the vulnerability to us, the security searcher helps secure hundreds of websites through automation – this is how Detectify combines automation and crowdsourcing.
Johanna Ydergård (

### Defensive Security - How to prevent hacker attacks on your website and a guide to HTTP security headers.

As a website owner or web developer you can control which HTTP-headers your web server should send. The purpose of this talk is to shine some light on the different response HTTP-headers that a web server can include in a request, and what impact they have on security for the web browser.
Kristian Bremberg (

### TBA

Contact the event organisers if you're interested in presenting a talk.

## Schedule (preliminary)

17:30 Doors open – drinks and mingle
18:00 Welcome to Detectify
18:10 Presentations (in no particular order)
18:45 Food, drinks, and more mingle
19.10 Some more presentation
20:00 We move on to a nearby bar

## This meetup is a paid event
We charge 29 SEK and are doing that for two reasons:

- We want to be able to buy giveaways like stickers, books, and T-shirts
- We want to have a budget to pay for speakers from other countries

We will not pay any salary to the organizers. This meetup is organized by a non-profit association (ideell förening) and we exist for its members.

## Join us

Join PHP Stockholm on Slack ( or become a member of PHP Sweden (