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We're back with another PHP Ghent meetup on 24/07! This time, we'll meet at the Teamleader office. Teamleader will prove tasty paella and drinks. Let us know if you're vegetarian or vegan, so that we can provide alternative options. Also update your RSVP if you can't make it!


Content Security Policy 101 by Christoph Rumpel

As more and more services get digital these days, security has become a significant aspect of every application. Especially when it comes to third-party code, it is challenging to guarantee safety. But in general, XSS and Code Injection is a big problem these days. Content Security Policy provides another layer of security that helps to detect and protect different attacks. In this talks, I will introduce this concept and its main features, as well as show implementation examples for Laravel.


Profiling PHP applications by Ike Devolder

Help my client is complaining some parts of the application are slow. Now what? Profiling!

What is profiling and how can we measure the performance of our application? There are several tools we can use. Once we have the tools, how do we approach profiling. What to look for. And caveats to avoid when profiling. To finish up, we should avoid that our client is complaining about performance, how can we pro actively use profiling to improve our application.

When finished we will end up with a nice toolbox of profiling tools and good ideas how to do profiling and avoid some common mistakes that might distract you from the real optimisation.