Past Meetup

Treffen der PHP-Usergroup Hamburg

This Meetup is past

48 people went


DE: Einlass ab 18.30 Uhr, Vorträge ab 19 Uhr

Der Vortrag von Sebastian wird bei Interesse auf Englisch gehalten.


EN: Entrance at 18:30, Talks will start at 19:00

The second talk from Sebastian, can be in English we have non German speakers around.


1.Talk: (DE) Apigility von Ralf Eggert (

Heute klicken wir unsere API einfach mal zusammen... Der Vortrag gibt eine Einführung in Apigility. Zuerst gehe ich kurz auf die theoretischen Grundlagen und die Features von Apigility ein. Danach legen wir einen Datenbank-basierten REST-Service an. Außerdem widmen wir uns der Authentifizierung und schauen uns auch einen Code-basierten REST-Service genauer an.

2.Talk: (EN or DE) To pair or not to pair von Sebastian Schürmann

Pairprogramming is one of the oldest practices known from XP and probably around way longer that any agile hype has been. Architectures and projects get more complex and large year by year and there is some evidence that problem solving is indeed easier and less error prone when executed as a group effort. This talk will outline the relationship of pairing to other agile practices such as Sprints, Daily Standups and Retrospectives. It is simply putting another, short cycled, loop in place to speed up problem solving and reducing bugs in produced code. However the narrative of software development tells us a great deal of (war)stories about solo coders saving the world in a lone effort. This is very misleading and might create a number of wrong assumptions about the craft in software development in general and could scare of interested young gun developers.

Pairing and in general working as a team can puts a highly effective and fun perspective on development projects in order to solve problems quick, refactor code with more courage and experience flow state continously.