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Hi NVC Colleagues!

In this meetup, let's have a discussion about what empathy is. Is it the same as sympathy? As compassion? If not, what are the differences? How do you know you are showing empathy toward another? Where do we get off track?

**Please take the time to research on your own a little bit before the discussion.**

I'll send out my address once you sign up and before the actual meeting. It will be held in my apartment which is near Scottsdale Road and Curry Road in north Tempe.

I'd love it for you to attend. People who are new to NVC: please start reading or listening to anything by Marshall Rosenberg. He also has many YouTube videos if you haven't yet bought his main book called Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Life.

Please bring $1 to add to the collection to help Joseph upkeep this meetup group. Joseph, I have a few bucks to give you sometime.

Looking forward to a lively discussion!