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Gender's Role on Street Giraffe

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Gender's Role on Street Giraffe


NVC Friends,

I am becoming more and more aware of how cultural gender norms play into using NVC and what types of language, facial expressions, mannerisms one feels comfortable enough with to use in real life.

I am going to try to get someone more qualified than I am to be a part of this discussion. It may require them "remoting" in from another area to speak with us.

If I can't get someone to do that, then I'll figure something else out and get busy reading and learning. AND...we can brainstorm together what might work for different genders.

I don't have the exact plan ready yet, but I know that I (and hopefully you) will get something out of this challenging yet important topic.

I'll send out my address the day before the actual meeting. It will be held in my apartment which is near Scottsdale Road and Curry Road in north Tempe. I generally keep it a little on the warm side in my apartment because I don't like taking more fossil fuels out of the ground and warming our planet. So, please dress appropriately.

People who are new to NVC: please start reading or listening to anything by Marshall Rosenberg. He also has many YouTube videos if you haven't yet bought his main book called Nonviolent Communication, A Language of Life.

Looking forward!

address will be emailed to all beforehand · Tempe, az
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