• Pickleball for Fun - Brooklyn Bridge Park

    Pier 2 Pickleball Courts

    Come play Pickleball in Brooklyn

    Depends on weather.

    Real games, doubles and - FUN!

    Brooklyn Bridge Park has covered, nice courts. Play with our group and also with strangers. It's great!


    **Limited space. If you RSVP and do not show up you could be removed from the group.**

    I've never played before, that cool?

    • Yes! All skill levels welcome and we'll go over the rules and try to match people up so it's fun/competitive for everybody.
    • This is not coaching or training. Just fun play.

    Do I need my own paddle?

    • No! Just bring yourself in sporting clothes. We will have paddles, balls, etc. You're welcome to bring any of your own equipment.

    Do we have private use of courts?

    • No! We will be playing on public courts and will cycle through pending availability. At minimum you should get a couple of solid games in and hopefully we're running around for 2 hours straight!
    • We will play at different venues, times, formats to make sure it's fun for everybody and everybody gets to play.