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Have you ever wanted to channel feverish energy to tone your tummy, lengthen your legs or just get in better shape? Maddie’s Pilates Reformer classes are just the place to learn! She teaches all levels, from beginning to advanced. Her classes focus on using resistance within the muscles for proper alignment while simultaneously building strength, stability, flexibility, and coordination. She helps everyone achieve the joy of movement by emphasizing dynamics, and clean technique for an overall balanced workout. Combing classical and contemporary movement from dance for Pilates.

Pilates Mat:
Do Pilates. This class gives dancers and non-dancers an understanding of Pilates combinations and teaching techniques. A mat class is designed for individuals looking to supplement or create a career as a certified Pilates instructor, and for individuals who want to achieve a high level of competency in this body conditioning technique. As well as to learn proper placement of the body with exercise aimed at strengthening the core and lengthening your posture. You will learn how to stabilize and balance your muscles to get stronger from the inside out. A complete routine engaging the upper and lower body and strengthening breath awareness.

Reformer Classes:
Incredibly beneficial for dancers and non-dancers alike, this dynamic class works the body in a gentle way, building stamina, strength and flexibility. Suitable for all ages above 14, and levels.

Reformer 2 classes use the classical rep to increase range of motion, coordination and pace. The goal in Reformer 2 is very much focused on exercises to train the mind to be fully aware of the body’s alignment. To be able to isolate specific muscle groups (to be able to eccentrically contract and release), lengthen muscles to full range of motion, as well as to have a full well rounded understanding of the way the body is suppose to move for optimal health and alignment.

Reformer 2.5 classes focus on stamina, strength and flexibility. These classes move a lot quicker. In this class students have a solid understanding of the names of the exercises, as well as how to prepare or modify if needed. With an increased speed, and an understanding of the Pilates rep, students will be able to build strength in any area that needs work. Reformer 2.5 incorporates a level 2 foundation, and elements of Reformer 3. In this class, you’ll get the slower benefits of level 2, but the pace and intensity of Reformer3.

Reformer 3 classes are for the advanced practitioner. Or someone who has been practicing for over 3 years. This class is jam packed with exercises, 15-26 exercises, giving students a full bodied workout for arms, abs and legs. The class is meant to build stamina, progressing quickly and efficiently through the classical rep. Students in this class understand the exercises will work every muscle group in the body, increasing the challenge of range of motion, stability, pace and coordination.

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