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What we’re about

Pipedrive is a software as a service (SaaS) company that builds kickass tools for salespeople. We are on the path to becoming a multi-product company. Our teams have the chance to build something totally new that will change the way account managers, marketeers, and customer success professionals work.

This group is for anyone who wants to continuously learn about the application of latest technologies in real life situations, but also about scaling and leading teams towards success.

We at Pipedrive have grown to more than 100 000 customers very quickly. Our clients are distributed globally in 179 countries. We need to make sure that everything works while constantly adding new features.

In reality, it means we deploy up to 350 times per day to deliver new features to customers in time. With the tools we use we can deploy code in production in just 15 minutes.

Our events go deep into tech and leadership challenges, cover the ground and offer insights from both Pipedrive experts and our friends from the field. We only pick a topic if we have something to say and if we deeply believe you will like it and take something home with you.

It takes great people to deliver great products!
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