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Pipedrive is a software as a service (SaaS) company that builds kickass tools for salespeople. We are on the path to becoming a multi-product company. Our teams have the chance to build something totally new that will change the way account managers, marketeers, and customer success professionals work.

This group is for anyone who wants to continuously learn about the application of latest technologies in real life situations, but also about scaling and leading teams towards success.

We at Pipedrive have grown to more than 100 000 customers very quickly. Our clients are distributed globally in 179 countries. We need to make sure that everything works while constantly adding new features.

In reality, it means we deploy up to 350 times per day to deliver new features to customers in time. With the tools we use we can deploy code in production in just 15 minutes.

Our events go deep into tech and leadership challenges, cover the ground and offer insights from both Pipedrive experts and our friends from the field. We only pick a topic if we have something to say and if we deeply believe you will like it and take something home with you.

It takes great people to deliver great products!
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Developers Meetup

Needs a location

Welcome to Developers Meetup in Pipedrive!

Join us to step up your engineering game!

3 speakers
100+ attendees
Keynotes on #metaverse #flutter #kubernetes
Plenty of pizza and drinks 🍕🍕🍕

Doors open: 18.00
Mingle: 20.00 onwards

This event will be special as three stellar tech companies and engineers will take the stage to share some world class engineering practices:

"FUNdamentals of Flutter" with Lembit Lõpp a Product Engineer in Lightyear
Flutter and Dart, Mobile development, Multi-platform

About Lembit Lõpp: Formerly at Pipedrive and now Lightyear, Lembit strives to build delightful applications for thousands of users. Lembit believes that Flutter is probably the best solution for mobile app development.

"A journey to remote development environment" with Ragnar Paide a Senior DevOPS Engineer at Pipedrive
Microservice development on Kubernetes, remote development environment, developer experience

About Ragnar Paide: Ragnar is a passionate devops who will focus in this talk on the automation of processes around Pipedrive’s Kubernetes deployment like development and testing environments, service metadata, deployment orchestrator and last, but not least developer experience.

"Avatars and Metaverse" with Sercan Altundas a SDK & Integrations Team Leader in Ready Player Me
Metaverse, Avatars, 3D Web Development, New Digital Economy

About Sercan Altundas: Sercan is a multi-disciplinary software engineer with a game and web development background. He kick-started Ready Player Me as a side project which is now the leading avatar platform used by more than 2500 companies.

Make sure you don't miss out on the event and join us in Pipedrive Tower.

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Mentoring and Growing Product Managers in Pipedrive

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