Generators: introduction to the C++20 synchronous coroutines.


We're happy to announce that during the next meeting we'll have a special guest from Łódź - Dawid!

Dawid Pilarski finished Automatics Control and Robotics studies but always was fascinated by software development.
Currently, he is Senior Software Developer in TomTom, where he deals with navigation and automotive software.

In spare time, he likes giving talks at local meetups and conferences. He also has his own C++ blog:

Dawid will give a presentation about Coroutines that we'll get with C++20.

Short agenda:
* What are coroutines,
* language coroutines vs library coroutines,
* Some examples with the use of the cppcoro library,
* How to write your own coroutine type.

After the event, we plan to go to a near pub.