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It's a meetup who fell in love with GoLang and people who want to know what it is and how GoLang works.
This meetup is for enthusiasts of programming and new technologies.

If you want to be a speaker - just fill in the form:



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Go Cracow #9 - Rust and OpenTelemetry

Splunk - Krakow

Announcing the long-awaited first post-pandemic GoCracow meetup! Get ready to join us as we bring the community back together live and in person. This time, we're thrilled to have Splunk - The Unified Security and Observability Platform - as our host!

Registration for the event is mandatory and seats are limited. Please attend here on and enroll yourself in the office’s reception during the actual meetup. The host is going to provide some pizza, drinks, and snacks.

We still have dedicated slots available for lightning talks, ranging from 5 to 15 minutes. If you have something interesting to share with the community, whether it's your most challenging bug, a captivating case study from your work, or even your very own open source project, we encourage you to seize this opportunity. Simply fill out this form:

PS The next meetup, GoCracow #10, will be in September, so if you can't attend now, stay tuned!


0) Registration [30 min; 18:00 - 18:30]

Register yourself at the office’s reception and print a badge with your name and photo. Please do not come at the last moment.

1) Welcome from the organizers [EN; 15 min; 18:30 - 18:45]

2) OpenTelemetry for Go Developers: A Gentle Introduction [EN; 60 min; 18:45 - 19:45]

Join us for a comprehensive introduction to OpenTelemetry tailored specifically for Go developers. During this session, we will delve into key topics such as observability, the OpenTelemetry Specification, the powerful OpenTelemetry Collector, and both manual and automatic instrumentation techniques.

About the Speaker:
Robert Pająk is an experienced software developer proficient in Go and C#. Currently employed at Splunk, he actively contributes to the development of OpenTelemetry instrumentations. You can explore his contributions on GitHub:

3) Break + Lightning Talks [PL/EN; 30 min; 19:45 - 20:15]


4) What we may learn from Rust programming language [PL/EN; 30-40 min; 20:15 - 21:00]

In Internet discussions, Go and Rust are often presented as competitors, sort of eternal enemies and many programmers try to convince others that one of them is definitely better and provide many arguments for that. In the next couple of years, it will become another famous eternal war, maybe as iconic as “vim vs emacs”. But is it the way to go?

Personally I’m not a fan of such wars and I’ll show you on this talk what we, as Gophers, can learn from Rust programming language and that’s really awesome. Don’t worry if you don’t know Rust - you don’t have to, as we try to reflect some examples mostly in Go code. If you know Rust - that’s great, maybe you find something useful here as well. This presentation is great for those devs who want to write better code and for those who want to start learning Rust, but they are still looking for good motivation.

About the Speaker:
Mateusz Szczyrzyca is a software engineer, focused mainly on projects in Go and Rust programming languages, who loves open source and to explore hidden secrets of programming languages and to chase last milliseconds in performance benchmarks. Currently, he’s working for TAAL on BSV ecosystem. Website:

5) Closing [EN; 21:00]

We will try to record the event and to publish it later on our YouTube channel. There will be some experiments with live streaming, but this is a very experimental feature and we can't promise it will take place. :)

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GoCracow #8

New Brainly office