106. KGD.NET - Warm Up be4 DevConf 2017


Zapraszamy na 106. spotkanie Krakowskiej Grupy Developerów .NET.

Stało się to już tradycją, że co roku we wrześniu organizujemy spotkanie z udziałem prelegentów uczestniczących w DevConf (w poprzednich latach DevDay).

Spotkanie to jest swego rodzaju before party dla DevConf, na którym można spotkać wiele devów nie tylko z naszej okolicy ale też ze świata.


Spotkanie rozpoczynamy o pół godziny wcześniej niż zwykle czyli o 18:00, ponieważ zaraz po naszym spotkaniu Prelegenci jadą na inne spotkanie w własnym gronie, na które nie chcą się spóźnić.

W tym roku wystąpią u nas:

• Todd Gardner - "The Developers Guide to Promoting Their Work"

• Spencer Schneidenbach - "Using C# Expression Trees in the Real World"

Tematy jakie Ci prelegenci będą poruszać dzień później na DevConf można sprawdzić tutaj: http://devconf.pl/

The Developers Guide to Promoting Their Work

A few years ago, I had an idea to make the web better. It was going to be great, and I had the team to build it. Nine months of late nights and lost weekends later, we launched it! The problem: no one cared.

A brilliant project isn't enough. I had to spread my vision, which was difficult for a developer like me. I learned quickly that even the best ideas needed to be sold. I had to build an audience, tell a story, and win over customers. Join me for a developer's guide to marketing. I'll share hard-fought lessons on page design, social networking, advertising, and analytics that will help you bring your ideas to the world.

Todd Gardner (https://twitter.com/toddhgardner)

Todd H Gardner is a veteran web developer and cofounder of TrackJS, where he helps thousands of developers find and fix bugs in their web apps. He believes in simple tools and systems over trends, and testing balanced against risk. He is also the producer and host of PubConf developer afterparty. Ask him about craft beer, cool pubs, and maintainable software.

Using C# Expression Trees in the Real World

Entity Framework is the de facto data access standard in .NET, and for good reason – its simplicity and power enables anyone to quickly write and execute strongly-typed queries using LINQ. Have you ever wondered how Entity Framework translates even the most complicated of LINQ queries to SQL? The answer is simple – expression trees.

Used by many libraries we know and love (including EF, AutoMapper, and NHibernate), expression trees provide a lot of power in an easy-to-use API surface. In this session, Spencer will unravel the mysteries of expression trees. Attendees will learn what expression trees are, how to create them, and how libraries like Entity Framework and AutoMapper use them to perform routine tasks.

Spencer Schneidenbach (https://schneids.net/)

Spencer Schneidenbach is a web developer, Microsoft MVP, speaker, consultant, and blogger in the St. Louis area, focusing on JavaScript/TypeScript, C#, React/Redux, and ASP.NET. He is the owner of Aviron Software, a consultancy specializing in cloud- and web-based software solutions.

Full speaking history and blog can be found at http://schneids.net. (http://schneids.net/)