Kaggle Days Meetup UAE in Abu Dhabi #2

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10.00 AM - 10.30 AM -> Registration
10.30 AM - 10.45 AM -> Welcome & Kaggle Days
10.45 AM - 11.30 AM -> Session 1: “Kaggle Failures” by Michal Gdac (Kaggle Expert)
11.45 AM - 12.30 PM -> Session 2: "ML at the edge" by Nekruzjon Maxudov (IIAI)
12.30 PM - 1.15 PM -> Session 3: Deep Learning Architecture and Use cases by Jingyan Wang ( PAX-AI)
1.15 PM - 1.30 PM -> Thanks Note
1.30 PM - Networking and Lunch

Talks and Speakers:
1. "Kaggle Failures": Learnings from kaggle failures
Michal Gdac: Michal is Leading Data Scientist and a Kaggle expert. He is currently working at E&Y Poland. In his exciting talk, he will be speaking about learnings from kaggle failures. A great learning session for data scientists and aspiring data scientists.

2. "Deep learning architectures and use cases": Rise of Deep learning, its applications
Jingyang Wang: Jim is a Principal Data Scientist and well-known educator. Currently, he works at PAX-AI, Abu Dhabi. In his talk, he will be covering the rise of deep learning, its use cases and the future it is heading to. This talk will be an excellent insight for data scientists and aspiring engineers who are looking to know more about this fast-growing stream of data science.

3. "ML at the edge":
Nekruzjon Maxudov: Nekruzjon is a senior Machine learning engineer at IIAI. In his talk, he will be speaking about how machine learning models can be used not only on the cloud but on other devices of interests like the mobile, raspberry pi. This is one of the very interesting topics for the people who are looking for ML in production scale.