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SAVE THE DATE: October 7-9, 2019 in Krakow, Poland. is a leading software tech conference for developers, technology enthusiasts, and business people. Join us to experience five unique, content-rich events - covering Scala-, Reactive-, Cloud-, JS-, and Data-oriented topics in one place at one time.

CloudSphere - a part of - is focused on Cloud-Native application development, architecture and tooling.

2018 edition was a screaming success with nearly 500 participants.
2019 will be even better!


* 5 tech conferences in one
* Reactive-, Scala-, Cloud-, JS-, and Data-oriented topics
* 3 days of presentations
* Wide variety of workshops
* World-class speakers. New ideas. Practical knowledge.
* Over 600 participants to network with

There's much more to enjoy!
This year we offer you 2 mini-spheres:

* Kotlin mini-sphere is dedicated to Kotlin ecosystem.
* Quantum mini-sphere focuses on a current perspective on the flourishing field of quantum computing; from theoretical quantum information research to fully practical deployment of quantum computing in production.


IMPORTANT: By getting one ticket you can participate in all 5 events.

COMMUNITY PAY LESS: use spherelovescommunity code to get a 10% reduced price


Yan Cui - DAZN
Holly Cummins - IBM
Przemek Maciołek - LOGSENSE
Giuseppe Angelo Porcelli - AMAZON WEB SERVICES

Learn more about the speakers confirmed so far on the official website.


Choose from more than 10 different workshops dedicated to various topics crucial to every software developer out there.

Visit to learn more about the variety of workshops offered.