Pure Future & Sleeping well in the lion's den with Monix Catnap


Talk #1: "Pure Future" by Wiem Zine El Abidine

Implementing responsive and high-performance applications is the most obvious challenge that we face in our programming life. The solution is to perform parallel computations. In this session you will learn about how could you do that using purely functional way.

Wiem Zine El Abidine is a Scala Backend Engineer at MOIA in Hamburg and she is enthusiastic about functional programming.

Talk #2: "Sleeping well in the lion's den with Monix Catnap" by Piotr Gawryś

Concurrency bugs leave you restless? Monix Catnap provides a ton of utilities that will let your worries take a good nap!

Monix Catnap is a rather unknown module of Monix which has a lot of cool features like Local, AsyncQueue and ConcurrentChannel. It aims to provide a support for both purely functional effect types and Future in an equal way whenever it is applicable in a hope to appeal to the entire Scala community!

Frequent contributor to Open Source projects in Scala ecosystem who’s doing his best to make pure FP a little bit more approachable. One of the maintainers of Monix and Kraków Scala User Group organisers.

How to get to the venue?

Schibsted offices are located in a bank building. This means that every attendee needs to show their id card and get a badge to get in.


Schibsted kindly provides the venue and pizza 🍕.

VirtusLab is the founding sponsor of Kraków Scala User Group and helps with travel/accommodation costs.