Meet.js KRK January [React Summit 2020 tickets giveaway and discounts]

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czwartek, 30 stycznia 2020
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馃檶[We're giving away a free ticket and 15% discounts for React Summit Amsterdam 2020! Come and get some for you and your friends!] 馃檶

The next meet.js is coming!

and what a meet it's gonna be! Great presentations, splendid guests, free beer! Take your friends, grab a beer and sit tight. You'll have a lot to listen to and talk about.

Whether you're senior developer, JavaScript intern, or you're just dabbling with web apps in your free time, this meetup is the best way to meet people, share and gather new knowledge.

See you soon!



馃搶 17:30 - 18:00 Registration
馃搶 18:00 - 18:15 - intro & news

馃搶 Wojciech Grzebieniowski 鈥 Sharing React components between 200 developers in 5 time zones 鈥 case study
A story about the journey we went back and forth, from 鈥渆veryone can commit to shared components鈥, through 鈥渉old on, this needs versioning鈥, through 鈥渓et鈥檚 build a team to build shared components鈥, back to 鈥渆veryone can commit to shared components鈥.

馃搶 Micha艂 Taszycki 鈥 Architektura aplikacji w Reakcie - czyli poszukiwania 艣wi臋tego graala
Jak zaprojektowa膰 struktur臋 plik贸w w aplikacji reactowej? Co z routingiem, autoryzacj膮 i uwierzytelnianiem? A Redux? Jak obs艂u偶y膰 Rest API? To pytania, kt贸re zadaj膮 sobie nie tylko pocz膮tkuj膮cy. Ta prezentacja nie da Ci prostej odpowiedzi. Ale za to wska偶e konstruktywne sposoby na odkrycie architektury w艂a艣ciwej dla Twojej aplikacji.

馃搶 Katarzyna P艂ocka 鈥 Czemu nie zatweetowa艂am na koniec wspania艂ego roku - impostor syndrome vs sukcesy 偶yciowe

馃搶Beer and chat time


馃毄 Sponsor:
馃檶Huge thanks to the sponsor HSBC, who provides space for the meetup, drinks, and snacks. 馃檶

馃毄 Please notice that we implemented a new policy about registration and participating in the meetup. The system is straightforward - we overbook, and we have the rule of "first come first serve." This policy was implemented because many of those who marked the "attend" option didn't appear and blocked the sits.