Tricity SAFe meetup #3

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Łużycka 8b Tensor Z building, ground Floor · Gdynia

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Tensor Z building, ground floor.

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It's time for 3rd Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) Meetup!

Join us, meet great people, get & share the ideas and become member of our community!

Target group (participants):
- People implementing Large-Scale Agile in organizations (LACE representatives, Change or Transformation Agents)?
- managers or leaders interested in Agile (incl. Scrum Masters, Release Train Engineers, Agile Leaders)

Agenda of our meeting:
- SAFe journey at Currenda (Tomasz Sobieszczyk)
- Multitasking in correlation to throughput - learning by gaming
- Self-organizing teams - I&A workshop
- WIP limits secret killers - try and fly exercise

Based on received feedback we want to be more and more interactive.

There will be snacks, coffee, interesting people and relaxed atmosphere.

Participation in meetup is free, number of seats is limited - be fast! :)

Organisational info:
- When you are onsite get into the building (Tensor Z), our hosts will let you in and you would be seated.
- By participation a participant accepts event regulation (available under the following link:

See you soon!