PyData Kraków #6 - Tech Talks - Data testing and reproducible ML

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We would like to invite all of the Machine Learning and Data Science enthusiast from Kraków to our next meetup.
If you woul like to sponsor our meetup, or you would like to make a talk let us know at [masked]

18:45 Start
19:00 Adrianna Woltmann - A new dimension of testing on production. Cause in data automated processing we trust.
19:45 Short Break - with 🍕 pizza and 🍺 beer ‼️
20:00 Mateusz Opala - Reproducible Machine Learning
20:45 ⚡Lightning Talks⚡

- [ENG] Adrianna Woltmann - A new dimension of testing on production. Cause in data automated processing we trust.

Let's bring testing on production to a whole new level!
Automated data calculation is a bumpy ride. Even when you are 100% confident about the correctness of your code and you wrote unit tests there may be still a bunch of situations when the data is not processed properly. It may be as simple as data duplication or as unpredicted as wrong values caused by a change in data sources that we do not own. These can lead to costly decisions based on false data which undermine trust in data as an input for the decision-making process.
So, how to know when output is not as good as we expected? In this presentation you will get your answers.
I will show you tests and checks that you can apply to your automated data processing which can save many decision-lives.

- [ENG] Mateusz Opala - Reproducible Machine Learning

Reproducibility is a cornerstone of scientific methods. Especially in production Machine Learning it’s crucial to ensure that hidden source of randomness is not a real reason for a model performance improvement. Although, reproducibility in building machine learning papers seems to be must-have, it’s still not a standard.

- [LANG] YOU! - ⚡Lightning talks⚡

Everyone loves lightning talks. If you want to show something, ideally related to procesing data in a ~5min short talk – here's your chance. We're not too strict on the timing, and you can either contact us beforehand or just come up with the idea during the meetup.

The meeting sponsors are:

- Netguru

Netguru is a consultancy, product design, and software development company founded in 2008. Netguru builds digital products that let people do things differently – offering consulting, tools and resources to companies of all shapes and sizes – to make beautifully designed digital products in a way that’s fast and fits their needs.

Netguru has become one of the fastest growing companies in EU, recognised by the Financial Times, Deloitte, and Forbes. The company has completed more than 600 projects, and has 600+ employees on board working from all over the world.

Netguru cooperates primarily with companies from the UK, Germany, Switzerland, the United States as well as the United Arab Emirates. The company works with both the largest brands in the world, such as Volkswagen, IKEA and Keller Williams, as well as fast-growing startups in the financial (solarisBank), education (Babbel) or even robotics (Temi) industries.

Thanks to Netguru there will be pizza and something to drink waiting for attendees.

- Codecool

Our amazing host!

Don't forget after the meeting there would be an after-party.