Scrum@Work: Scaling Scrum

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"Scaling" as a term is already almost as worn-out as "agile" these days. Scaling frameworks pop up like mushrooms on cow sh... pardon... after a rain. To name just few: Enterprise Scrum (Beedle), Scaled Agile Framework/SAFe (Leffingwell), Disciplined Agile Development/DAD (Ambler), Large Scale Scrum/LESS (Larman and Vodde), Nexus/Nexus+ (Schwaber), Unscaling (Hartman and Lawrence), Scrum At Scale (Sutherland). Henrik Kniberg wrote about how do they scale in Spotify, a model which - as it turned out - is barely used by Spotify itself. People even make fun of it - LAFABLE (Cohn), so...

What the f*ck is scaling? Is it really needed? What is it needed for? Is it possible to scale up and keep agile values and integrity intact?

Let's get together and discuss. This event is limited to people who actually deal and have experience with large scale. So please fill out the RSVP form (5 questions). Be serious about it and be warn: to keep the discussion level high there will be a selection, so not all of you will make it to the event.

As usual I'll personally invite few smart Scrum Masters to help us around.

I know you're busy. We can do breakfast together before the rush starts, or lunch (you need to eat anyway), or dinner when things are back under control.

Please vote here ( to help me nail down the best time for you.