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Agora SA

ul. Czerska 8/10 · Warszawa

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Enter the building from Czerniakowska street and go to a guard. Tell him you want to attend Scrumvival and he will let you in. The room is a few meters away next to the gates.

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Tools, tools, practices, tools… and even more tools. All Scrum Masters need them to work with their teams. It is better if practices are practiced and the tools are used. There is no point to talk about them. Talking about practices is useless, it is a waste. We often listen and then forget quickly. But instead we prefer to learn. We believe that practicing and experiencing new knowledge allows us to implement new knowledge in our contexts. Learn by active participation and practicing. Avoid learning by passive sitting behind a desk and listening.

This time we will ask scrum practitioners to share their best Scrum Master’s practices and tools. They will “show & tell” their best skills and teach other participants on how to use them on daily basis.

There are 20 places available. If you want to be invited please make sure you have something interesting to show so other people may learn from you. Surprise them, make them “wow!”, make them moan with delight ;-).

The plan is following:

1. Sign up for the session.

2. Answer to the question when signing up. Just write down what practice / tool you would like to show and teach during Scrumvival.

3. Get qualified -> you will be notified by e-mail.

4. The session will start at 10 am and finish around 4 pm. Effectively we will have about 4 hours so at the beginning of the session you will need to choose what topics are the most interesting for you. We will probably be able make it quickly. You are Scrum Masters so you should know how to do it by now.

5. The most popular topics will be presented and taught by participants.

6. If we cover 4 topics -> fine. I we cover more -> fine. If we cover less -> fine. We can cover them all during next Scrumvival gatherings.

See you there!