2nd Warsaw Airflow Meetup! [ONLINE]

Warsaw Airflow Meetup
Warsaw Airflow Meetup
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We’re happy to announce this year’s first Airflow Meetup.
This time 100% online!

ZOOM: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_oZH8OBygS6StSnGLewX4UQ

Check out the video from the previous event:

About the speakers:

Mariusz Górski
Data Engineer - ING WBAA

Data Engineer, Open Source and Public Cloud enthusiast. Fan of knowledge sharing. Likes to experiment, break things and fix them - sometimes in a random order.
Professionally works as a Data Engineer for ING WBAA (Wholesale Banking Advanced Analytics), where he contributes to delivering solutions for data ingestion, analysis and discoverability.
Privately snooker geek and a black-as-terminal coffee addict.

Subject: Generic Ingestion Pipeline

At WBAA, our main goal is to make ING a data-driven company. This is often easier said than done, but having modern and reliable tools at your disposal is a major enabler.
Having Generic Ingestion Pipeline running on DAP, with Airflow in the center of the action and a lot of innovative integrations around, not only we provide users with reliable and fresh data of great quality, but also contribute to our data lineage and discoverability, sparking creativity and trust around the Platform.

Jarosław Śmietanka
Technical Team Lead Manager - Growbots

Experienced software developer - 10 years in the industry. Since 2016 also leading a team of developers. As of now mostly focused on Python, but worked with Java and C++.
In Growbots, Jarek is responsible for one of a key domains of the product - data. He is an active Airflow user with a few contributions to this project.

Subject: One DAG to rule them all

Abstract: When DAGs and SubDAGs are not enough? How Growbots built more levels of nesting in Airflow? What was our need for such a solution? Which tools have we used, and how we customized them? How do we work daily with what we have built? In this talk, I will present answers to all these questions. And after it, you will be able to build a similar solution.