WCN #18 Building Microservices with Kotlin and gRPC by Marharyta Nedzelska



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Microservice architecture is now a huge trend. All big organizations with millions of users are doing microservices. This means they have lots of channels of communication between services and need to send and get much data. At some point, you can find yourself in a situation where your current approach doesn’t provide you with efficient communications, you pay more, wait for more, lose more etc. Maybe it’s time to look at gRPC… In this talk, we will cover the basics of gRPC, protocol buffers, and its usage. We will try to understand its pros and cons and where this approach could be used. We will also compare this approach with the alternatives. The most interesting about this talk is that we will have lots of practice. We will learn how to write .proto files, how to make effective communication between your microservices, and of course, write much code (in Kotlin)

Bio (Marharyta Nedzelska)

I' am a Software Engineer @ Wix and Kyiv Kotlin user group leader. Interested in Kotlin, Scala, Microservices, Android, IoT and Machine Learning. I try to make Kotlin one more programming language for the JVM platform at Wix and spread the light of Kotlin to other developers. I am very passionate about knowledge sharing, so I am involved in organizing conferences such as Kotlin NIght Kyiv, Devoxx UA and one of the organizers of Rockstar Night dev club. Although I like organizing events, I am a speaker at JUG UA, Morning @ Lohika, IT Weekend, JEEConf, Voxxed Minsk, JFuture, Voxxed Ticino, Devoxx UA.


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