Wrocław Blockchain Meetup #18

Wrocław Blockchain Meetup
Wrocław Blockchain Meetup
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Hi folks,

It's not a joke, we are hosting the next meetup on 1st of April! We have 3 exciting talks scheduled, so make sure to reserve some time.

- Decred's road to digital currency governance - Mariusz Szyma
- Blockchain - Trends & Use Cases - Aleksandr Patapum Vinogradskiy
- Deep dive into Parity Ethereum / Proof of Authority - Hernando Castano (Parity Technologies)
- Max Kops (STO Advisor)

As usual, if you are a first timer, please come earlier, at 18:10 and we're going to give you an introduction to Blockchain technology (in polish).

We also have some time for short (5-10m) Lightning Talks, please let me know if you'd like to give one.

An even on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/303251650357459/

Your organizer,