Meetup #12: When 2017 events are over

Wroclaw SAP Community Meetup
Wroclaw SAP Community Meetup
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With autumn events, including TechEd EMEA and SITs in Europe, over it will be a good moment to meet and share learnings from the past year.

5 min - SAP at WSB - Sebastian Sobczyk

15 min - Impressions from SAP TechEd - Kinga Moska

15 min - Impressions from SAP TechEd - Paweł Grześkowiak

15 min - Automatic Bookkeeping with AI - Wojciech Barczyński

15 min - What is SAP Leonardo - Vitaliy Rudnytskiy

10 min - Wrap-up Please let me know in case you want to present a presentation or just a short few minutes lightning talk.

See you,