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We'd like to invite you for a special edition of Know More meetup which will be dedicated to PRODUCTIVITY. Let's awake our grey matters and have fun!

Have you ever asked yourself:
Is multitasking a crucial skill for our productivity?
Can we get our mind and brain to be more effective?
What is the key to better balance, higher energy and reaching our goals?

We will try to answer all these questions during our meetup.

18.00 Welcome note
18:10 Grzegorz Miejski: Daily Distractors - and what we can do with them.
18:40 Piotr Nabielec: Is multitasking a myth? And how to cooperate with our brain, not fight with it.
19:20 Patryk Lange: Tame your stress and make it your ally.
20:00 Pizza

Presentation 1: Grzegorz Miejski
Title: Daily Distractors... and what we can do with them

Grzegorz will tell you how social media impact our lives, what it is a Gmail and Slack notifications effect and why taking your phone to a meeting makes you dumber. Furthermore, he will share some tips and tricks to use on a daily basis for better focus and peace of mind.

Guest speakers:

Presentation 2: Piotr Nabielec,
Title: Is multitasking a myth? And how to cooperate with our brain, not fight with it.

Our brain has its ways and limitations most of us aren't even aware of. This is why we often waste huge amount of energy trying to do something that simply may not be possible!
Let's find out how to cooperate with our brain limitations, instead of resisting them. We will talk about multitasking, focus and distractions, habit formation, ...and guilt and shame.

Presentation 3: Patryk Lange, accredited coach, supervisor and trainer
Title: Tame your stress and make it your ally.

Evolution had its reasons for equipping us with stress reaction but left us struggling with psychosomatic pain, creativity blocker and it's paralyzing power. Is there a way to revert it? How to make stress stimulating and empowering? We will talk about the role and causes of stress, the information it gives us and how to consciously & constructively use its energy for action or rest.