#2 skytalks

To wydarzenie już się odbyło

209 – wzięło udział


The second edition of the skytalks series about artificial inteligence, machine learning, statistics and data science.

Language: English

Food and drinks (alcohol-free): provided

Topics: range is very wide, from computer vision, through NLP ending up in tools & platforms (like TensorFlow, Google Cloud etc.) + case studies


Marcin Szeliga, Data Philosopher and AI Practitioner, Microsoft MVP

Topic: How to win Kaggle competition and get familiar with machine learning?

Summary: Have you heard that knowing machine learning is the easiest way to get rich quickly? Let’s test this statement. Kaggle is the place to do data science projects, why not to start there? During this session we will solve simple Kaggle competition. Actually, we will submit two solutions. The first made with super-duper deep neural network (black-box approach). Then we will follow proven ML methodologies and solve the problem methodically. All that using SQL Server Machine Learning Services. Minimum theory and maximum fun guaranteed.

Pablo Ribalta, Senior Deep Learning Engineer @NVIDIA

Topic: NVIDIA AI in Healthcare

Summary: In the last years we have seen how deep neural networks have revolutionized a number of fields. Now, NVIDIA is applying all these breakthroughs to the healthcare industry through a mix of toolkits, platforms and technological know-how. Come to learn what's awaits us on the horizon, and how can you be a part of this transformation. In NVIDIA, future is just around the corner.

The remaining speakers will be announced soon.

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